How do I search for items?

Just type what you’re looking for in Offer Parade’s search bar. The results will display products from Amazon, eBay and other leading online retailers, making it easy for you to choose where to go to make your purchase.

Do I pay the same prices as I would if I searched directly on Amazon or eBay or any of the other retailer sites?

Yes. The search results you see are obtained directly from the online retailers and will be exactly the same price as their website. You pay exactly the same price.

Can I make payment on Offer Parade?

No. Offer Parade displays results from various top online retailers. When you choose to make a purchase, you will be directed to the online retailer you’ve chosen to buy from. You will follow their payment process.

Do I pay a commission to Offer Parade?

No. You do not pay any commission to Offer Parade. The retailer pays a small commission for every sale that is generated by Offer Parade.

Do I have to register on Offer Parade to make a purchase?

No. You do not have to register with Offer Parade to make a purchase, but you will need to be registered with the retailer you choose to buy from. Many of our users will already be registered with some of our top retail partners like Amazon and eBay .It is recommended that you register on Offer Parade as well to benefit from any special offers, newsletters and alerts.

Does Offer Parade handle returns?

No. Each of the retailers that we partner with already have a returns policy that kicks in as soon as you’ve made your purchase with them.