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About Us

Offer Parade simplifies your online shopping experience. No more hopping from website to website searching for the best price – Offer Parade provides you with the search results from top, trusted retailers in one place. It saves you time and frustration.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • You search for what you want on Offer Parade.
  • You review your search results which are obtained from the most popular, trusted online retailers in the UK.
  • Choose the retailer you wish to buy from and you’ll be directed to their site to complete your purchase.

Offer Parade gives you the prices and product information from websites like Amazon and eBay. The price you see on Offer Parade is exactly the same price you’ll find on the retailer’s sites. We will continue adding a wider array of trusted retailers so that you can make even more informed decisions about your purchases in future. Offer Parade does not handle any payments so we will never ask you for any financial information.

Happy shopping!!!